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ALOE, Aloe barbedensis
Parts used: Fresh or dehydrated juice from the leaves Gel - soothing, Yellow-latex portion - cathartic (purgative laxative like Senna)
Constituents: Gel; Polysaccharides, Phytosterols, Saponins, Antibiotic principle, Tannins
Actions Indications

Immune stimulant

Peptic ulcers, IBS, gastric dyspepsia (small doses 1mL or 25 drops)
Externally: burns, cuts, wounds, spots, sunspots, as a sunscreen, skin eruptions, dermatitis, eczema, varicose ulcers, nail fungus, athlete's foot, dandruff

Purgative laxative, long standing constipation, in the elderly with poor diet for many years, poor muscle tone, amenorrhoea (1-3mL)
Poor digestion, liver and gall bladder problems
Dosage: Gel: externally - apply liberally 2x daily Internally - juice up to 50 mL daily
Latex: 1:5 tincture 10-40 drops, 1x daily before bed
Energetics: Gel: Cool, moist; Bitter Latex: cooling and drying; Taste: pungent
Meridians: stomach, lung
Contraindications: Don't use the latex in pregnancy, IBD or lactation
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