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ENGELWORTEL, Angelica archangelica
Parts used: Leaves and root
Constituents: Volatile oil; phellandrene, pinene, linalool, borneol, Bitter furanocoumarins; psoralens and bergapten, Angelic acid and Valerianic acid, Vitamin E, calcium
Actions Indications
Digestive tonic
Coughs/colds, psychogenic asthma, pleurisy, respiratory catarrh, bronchitis

Flatulent/nervous dyspepsia, indigestion/persistent pain, colic
Bloating and gurgling, mucusy stools
Amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, pms with weepiness/depression, retained placenta
Herbal extract, 5-25mL per week
Energetics: Warm, bitter, sweet, pungent, astringent, dosha: VK- P+
Meridians: lung, spleen, large intestine
Caution: Diabetes and pregnancy, (stimulates uterus)
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