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BRAHMI, Bacopa monniera
Parts used: Herb and roots
Constituents: Steroidal saponins, hersaponin, flavonoids, phytosterols
Actions Indications
Anxiety, epilepsy, neurasthenia, insanity, nervous breakdown, emotional stress, mental exhaustion, ADD, IBS
Brain tonic Forgetfulness, nervous injury due to stroke
Cardio tonic  
Diuretic Water retention
Aperient Asthma, bronchitis, cough, hoarseness
Vasoconstrictor MS, Alzheimer's disease
A paste made from the leaves is used in rheumatic joint pain; a poultice of the entire boiled plant is applied to the chest in bronchitis and chronic cough
Herbal extract, 35-90mL per week
Energetics: Warm, bitter, pungent. Dosha: VK-P+
Caution: if taken with NSAIDs
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