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VROUWENWORTEL, Caulophyllum thalictroides
Parts used: Root and rhizomes
Constituents: Steroidal saponins, Alkaloids, Tannins, Nutrients, Volatile oil
Actions Indications
Emmenagogue Amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, clotting, heavy bleeding, irritability
Astringent mild
Uterine tonic Estrogenic effect, alternative to HRT, fibroids, irregular periods, decreases progesterone, PMS, Menopausal syndrome, hot flushes, very strengthening after childbirth
Sedative Nervous and reproductive systems, Emotional and nervous tension
Parturient Promotes labour use mL in last 3 weeks, false labour pains, retained placenta
Antitussive Whooping cough, bronchitis
Anti-rheumatic Muscular rheumatism, sciatica, RA, intercostals myalgia
Herbal extract, 10-20mL per week, max 40mL
Energetics: Warming, drying, sweet, bitter, pungent
Meridians: liver, lung
Contraindications: Pregnancy and lactation, Caution may cause GI disturbance
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