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NZ Wellness - materia medica of medicinal herbs


Parts used: Herb
Constituents: Saponins, Mucilage, Tannins, Choline, Precursors of adrenal hormones. Minerals; Potassium and calcium
Actions Indications
Diuretic Improves circulation to kidneys, skin problems, oedema, arthritis, herpes simplex
Demulcent   Restorative to the adrenal cortex
Anti-inflammatory Heart disease, bronchitis, inflammatory bronchi, infections
Diaphoretic Fevers
Galactagogue Increases milk flow
Aperient   Externally, poultice for Inflammation
Herbal extract, 30-60mL per week
Energetics: Cooling, astringent, sweet, bitter, pungent
Meridians: lung, large intestine, heart, kidney, bladder
Caution: Due to pyrrolizidine alkaloid content Borage should be used with caution
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