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SMEERWORTEL, Symphytum officinale
Parts used: Leaves and roots
Constituents: Allantoin, Mucilage, Pyrrolizidine, Tannins, Phytosterols. Vitamins; A, B12 and C. Minerals; Calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulphur, copper, zinc
Actions Indications
Vulnerary Bleeding gums, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, pharyngitis, peptic ulcers, diverticulitis, oesophagitis, haematemesis
Demulcent Gastric cancer, constipation
Joint, muscle, bone, and tendon pain
Anti-inflammatory Externally healing agent for all skin and musculoskeletal injuries, varicose ulcers, hernias and fractures for 6 weeks BHP specific, for Gastric ulcers and topically for varicose ulcers
Herbal extract, 25-60mL per week
Energetics: Cool, sweet, bitter, astringent. Dosha PV-K+
Meridians: lung, stomach, large intestine, bladder
Caution: The radix should not be used internally, not for deep wounds
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