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DAMIAANBLAD, Turnera diffusa
Parts used: Stem and leaves
Constituents: Volatile oil, Arbutin, Cyanogenic glycosides, Bitter, Resins, Gums, Flavonoids, Alkaloids, Chlorophyll, terpenes and sterols
Actions Indications
To nervous system; Depression, Mental dullness and absent mindedness, neuralgia, HSV II decreases attacks due to stress, exhaustion, infertility, nervous dyspepsia, shingles
Stomachic Slow painful digestion, epigastric fullness, appetite loss, atonic constipation
Purgative mild  
Diuretic mild Chronic urinary tract infection, dysuria
Male tonic
Impotence, low sexual interest, sexual inadequacies of psychosocial or emotional origin, premature ejaculation (balances testosterone), benign prostate enlargement
  Specific for: anxiety neurosis or depression with a predominant sexual factor i.e. from impotence, frigidity, with grief, exhaustion
Endocrine tonic Regulates pituitary; including with hypo-thyroid, menopausal syndrome, pms
Herbal extract, 20-40mL per week
Energetics: Heating, pungent, bitter. Dosha: VK-P+
Meridians: Kidney
Contraindications: PCOD (excess testosterone) Caution: interferes with iron absorption
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