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RODE ZONNEHOED, Echinacea angustifolia, E. purpurea
Parts used: Herb in flower
Constituents: Volatile oil, Caffeic acid esters including echinacoside and cynarin, Isobutylamides, Polyacetylenes, Resin, Betaine, Vitamins; A, C, E. Minerals; Iron, iodine, copper, potassium, sulphur, Salicylate 29 mcg. per mL
Actions Indications
Stabilizes red blood cells, autoimmune diseases, all infections on all systems. Chronic fatigue syndrome.  Whooping cough, nasopharyngeal catarrh, syphilis conditions, gangrenous conditions,  Peptic ulcers, ovarian cysts, cystitis, urethritis
Anti-inflammatory Prostate enlargement, Colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, peritonitis, tonsillitis
Bites and stings of poisonous insects or snakes, blood/food poisoning. Athlete’s foot, herpes infections
Vulnerary mild
Boils, impetigo, eczema, abscesses, skin ulcers, thrush, psoriasis, burns, canker sores
Diaphoretic  Fever
Anti-allergic Hay fever, allergic reactions
Herbal extract, 10-50mL per week
Energetics: Warming, bitter, pungent. Dosha: PK-V+
Meridians: lung, large intestine, stomach
Caution: Good quality Echinacea can cause excessive salivation & discomfort if taken undiluted in large quantity
Surgical concerns: Allergic reactions, impairs immunosuppressive drugs because it boosts immunity, can cause immuno-suppression when taken long-term, could impair wound healing.
Recommendations: Discontinue as far in advance as possible, especially for transplant patients or those with liver dysfunction
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