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GOTU KOLA, Centella asiatica
Parts used: Herb
Constituents: Vallerin, Volatile oil, Triterpenola glycosides, Alkaloids, Phytosterols, Mg
Actions Indications
Nervine It revitalizes the nerves and brain cells thus increasing intelligence, longevity and memory. Anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, SLE, hepatitis, MS
Anti-rheumatic Peripheral mainly, poor circulation
Dermatological agent
Also used after surgery for wound healing, scleroderma
Vasodilator High blood pressure
Rejuvenative Premature ageing, (decreases adhesions), hair loss
Adaptogen Gotu kola feeds the immune system and adrenal glands, low libido
Endometriosis, tumours
Herbal extract, 20-40mL per week
Energetics: Bitter, sweet, cooling. Dosha: VPK=
Caution: May aggravate itching, in large doses may cause headaches, temporary loss of consciousness
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