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KLIMHORTENSIA, Hydrangea arborescens
Parts used: Dried rhizome, root
Constituents: Glycosides, alkaloids, saponins, resins, gum, sugar, starch, albumen, volatile oil, lime potassa, magnesia, sulphuric and phosphoric acids
Actions Indications
Tonic Inflamed or enlarged prostrate glands + Horsetail and Saw Palmetto
Antilithic Urinary stones or gravel associated with infections such as cystitis, alkaline urine, chronic gleet, and mucous irritations of the bladder in aged persons, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, eczema
Herbal extract, 30-60mL per week
Energetics: Cool, pungent, sweet
Meridians: kidney, bladder, lung
Caution: In overdoses, it will cause vertigo, oppressions of the chest, etc
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