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PAU D’ARCO, Tabebuia avellanedae
Parts used: Inner bark
Constituents: Quinones, Flavonoids, CoQ10, steroidal saponins
Actions Indications
Especially in GI tract candidiasis, athlete’s foot Viral-infections, flu, cold, herpes, polio, decreases growth of H. pylori + Vit C, Manuka honey. Malaria, bacterial infections
Anti-oxidant All forms of carcinoma and leukaemia
Anti-inflammatory Crohn’s disease, colitis, polyps, peptic ulcers, prostatitis Chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes
Immune stimulator Brings bowel bacteria back into balance +Olive leaf
Herbal extract, 20-50mL per week
Energetics: Cold, astringent, bitter
Meridians: lung, large intestine, bladder
Contraindications: Pregnancy
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